Are we ready for Robo Taxi?

In 2023, it is projected that the worldwide robo taxi market would reach $1.03 billion.

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Unsplash

By 2030, the market for robo taxis is anticipated to grow to $38.61 billion.

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Zoox  Robo Taxi

Picture Credit: Zoox

More than 50 sensors, including LiDAR, RADAR, and cameras, are deployed all over robo taxis to assist create a safety perimeter.

Level 5 robo taxis are fully automated and can operate in traffic, bad weather, and even during interference with radar sensors.

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Marco Christiansen

HYUNDAI IONIQ 5-based Robo Taxi

Photo by Hyundai

Level 4 automation Robo Taxis can run without human supervision, on a limited number of routes that permit autonomous driving


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Level 4 Robo Taxi helps cut fleet operation costs by up to 50%.

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